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Anycubic DLP Craftsman Resin Package


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Precision Matters
High Accuracy | DLP Exclusive | Long Shelf Life

Resin Matters
When discussing 3D printing, most people focus on the resolution of 3D printer. But experienced makers know that the materials used are as important as the printer in order to make the final results look good.

Photosensitive resin + Ceramic powder
Anycubic developed this DLP Craftsman resin to help makers obtain more detailed 3D printed items. Specific proportions of nano-scale microcrystalline ceramic powders are added to Anycubic photosensitive resin, which enhances the scattering of light within the resin, making the resin more sensitive to light and curing finer.

Developed for Photon Ultra
In September 2021, Anycubic Photon Ultra became the first consumer 3D printer with DLP technology in the industry. Anycubic developed this DLP Craftsman resin for it to take full advantage of its high-precision printing.

Compatible with Mainstream DLP Printers

After further compatibility testing, Anycubic was pleased to find that the DLP Craftsman resin works well not only with Photon Ultra, but also with other mainstream DLP on the market. You can also get an excellent printing experience and incredible life-like details.

Extra Long Shelf Life-One and a Half Years / Fast Speed Low Shrinkage


(1) Before use:
Shake the resin well before use;
Clean the resin tank and platform, keep the bottom of the resin tank highly transparent.
(2) When using:
Unscrew the cap and add it to the resin tank according to requirements;
Select the correct print Settings to print.
(3) After use:
After printing, use supporting tools for post-processing, including spatula; diagonal pliers, tweezers, containers, and gloves, Ethanol (>95%); lactate or isopropyl alcohol cleaning liquid.
(4) Post-processing steps:
A. Remove the finished print from the platform with a spatula;
B. Cleaning and curing. Using ANYCUBIC wash&cure machine better effect;
C. Proper processing, such as remove supports, polishing, coloring, etc.




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